Full Time Staff

Willowgrove Full Time Staff

Miriam Reesor, Willowgrove Executive Director and Day Camp Director

    Miriam Reesor joined Willowgrove in August 2012, although her roots in the organization extend back to the seventies when she was camp staff, including the Director position, at both Fraser Lake Camp and Glenbrook Day Camp. For the past thirty years Miriam has worked at a children's mental health centre in both direct service and management positions. Miriam is excited to again be part of the Willowgrove family.
    To contact Miriam: miriam@willowgrove.ca

Marie Mehak, Outdoor Education Center Co-ordinator

    Marie has been a teacher in the Willowgrove Outdoor Education for over 10 years and in the past year took on the role of coordinator. In addition to her passion for working with school classes in the out of doors, Marie is also a supply child and youth worker for the York Region board of education.

    To contact Marie: mmehak@willowgrove.ca

Kristen Berg, Fraser Lake Camp Director

    .Kristen Berg is the Fraser Lake Camp Director. Kristen has two children and is married to Bryan Berg, a high school teacher. Kristen has a long Fraser Lake history. Her parents met while working at Fraser Lake camp and she has been a camper and senior staff at Fraser Lake. Kristen also spent two summers as kayaking director and counselor at Camp Moose Lake in Manitoba and has volunteered at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp. Kristen is excited about the opportunity to give leadership to Fraser Lake and sees a lot of possibilities for the future of the camp. She is committed to providing a safe and fun summer camp experience for the children and youth at Fraser Lake Camp. [/p]
    To contact Kristen: kberg@willowgrove.ca

Brian Drudge, Facility Director

    Since taking over as Facility Director in 2003, Brian has overseen the construction or refurbishment of many of the key buildings on both Willowgrove properties. Brian grew up, and continues to live, on a farm adjoining the Willowgrove property and worked that farm for many years in addition to building custom wood furniture.
    To contact Brian: brian@willowgrove.ca

Shirley Gilham, Program Coordinator

    Shirley first joined the Willowgrove team as a part-time Outdoor Education instructor in 1988. Since then Shirley has become a vital part of the Willowgrove staff team, giving leadership to the Outdoor Education program and wherever else she is needed.
    To contact Shirley: shirley@willowgrove.ca

Julie Reesor, Bookkeeper

    Julie works in the Willowgrove office three days a week. In addition to bookkeeping, Julia is responsible for the Willowgrove Facility Rental program.
    To contact Julie: julia@willowgrove.ca

Michal Pickard, Office Manager

    In addition to office manager, Michal has worked at Willowgrove for four year in a variety of roles including Director of the Day Camp Waterfront and as a teacher in our Outdoor Education program.

    To contact Michal: mpickard@willowgrove.ca