Bussing Zones

Providing safe, reliable transportation to and from Willowgrove Day Camp

Willowgrove Day Camp offers two busing options:

    Door to Door: $100/wk
    Community Bus Stops $55/wk

Door-to-Door Bussing

With option #1, we'll pick up your child right at your home, and return them again at the end of the day. If you live outside of the bussing boundaries outlined below, please contact the camp office to find out if alternative arrangements can be made.

Community Pick Up and Drop Off

With option #2, you can bring your child to one of our Community Pick up Locations where they will meet a bus to bring them to and from camp. See below for our bus boundaries and a list of pick up locations.

Bus Boundaries and Pick Up Locations Map

Our goal is to have children be on the bus no longer than 75 minutes. This time frame can not be guaranteed due to summer road construction, changing traffic patterns and how far from camp a child lives. Children getting on the bus at Wilson subway station will usually have a bus ride longer than 75 minutes.

Download the Community Bus Locations and Bussing Boundaries Here(PDF)