Camp Programs

Every day is a new day camp adventure in the great outdoors

Every Willowgrove day camper will participate in programs that expose children to all the natural beauty of our 100-acre location. We also strive to emphasize peace in all of our programming and camper learning.

Willowgrove Day Camp serves a diverse clientele of campers with a variety of co-ed programs, including age specific programs. Ask the campers what programs they like best and you will get a long list that includes Swimming, Nature, Canoe and Kayaking, Biking, Outdoor Cooking, Creek, Wagon Rides, Peace, Archery and Rock Climbing.

Program Divisions

All programs are supervised by highly trained staff who have passed through a demanding interview process and completed several training events.

The counselor to camper ratio ensures every camper will have a safe and enjoyable day camp experience:

Primary Division: 4 to 5 years old; 1 counsellor: 5 campers (max 10 campers per group)

Junior Division: 6 to 7 years old; 1 counsellor: 7 campers (max 14 per group)

Intermediate Division: 8 to 9 years old; 1 counsellor: 8 campers (max 16 per group)

Sophomore Division: 10 to 11 years old; 1 counsellor: 8 campers (max 16 per group)

Senior Division: 12 to 13 years old; 1 counsellor: 10 campers (max 20 per group)

Premium Willowgrove Day Camp Programs

      One week at Willowgrove Day Camp, 4 nights at Fraser Lake Camp in Bancroft, ON

Activities with age restrictions

Please note that for safety reasons the following activities are restricted to some divisions:

    • Archery: Intermediate, Sophomore, Senior Campers.
    • Biking: Intermediate, Sophomore, Senior Campers.
    • Canoe/Kayaking: Intermediate, Sophomore, Senior Campers.
    • Climbing: Junior, Intermediate, Sophomore, Senior Campers.
    • Slip and Slide: Junior, Intermediate, Sophomore, Senior Campers.