Guiding Principles

Willowgrove Day Camp Guiding Principles for Staff and Volunteers

At Willowgrove Day Camp our staff and volunteers value the following:

    • Being active in the wholesome fun and recreation camp can provide
    • Building the campers sense of self-worth
    • Modelling the Christian values of loving your neighbour
    • Accepting the rich diversity of our community

As a staff member or volunteer at Willowgrove Day Camp, I will agree to the following:

    • I will follow all the set policies and regulations at Willowgrove Day Camp to ensure that campers and fellow staff will be in a safe atmosphere – physically, emotionally & spiritually. I will promote Willowgrove Day Camp as a safe place for all children where they can seek out their own personal beliefs. I will also help all campers participate to the best of their abilities in all programs.
    • I will govern my personal actions while at camp to reflect the mission statement of Willowgrove. I also understand that Willowgrove Day Camp is a non-smoking and alcohol free facility.
    • I will conduct myself in a professional manner, responding to deadlines in a timely fashion and fulfilling my contract in full.
    • I will promote a commitment to service and strive for excellence in all programs offered.
    • I will maintain open lines of communication with my fellow staff members and will work to bring the Willowgrove staff closer together as a whole. If there is a problem between another staff member and myself, I will approach that specific person, and that person only. If the problem cannot be solved between us, I will go directly to my supervisor for assistance. I agree that if conflicts are resolved in this manner we will be able to prevent gossip and cliques, which will result in the promotion of group unity.
    • I will make an extended effort to help all campers feel comfortable and at ease. I will strive to make Willowgrove Day Camp a place where a child’s self-esteem and self-image can grow. I will treat people equally and with respect, no matter what race, religion or economic background they come from.
    • I understand that the camp offers a wide variety of events and activities. I also understand that I may be asked to participate and assist in jobs that are not directly related to my job.
    • I agree to all of these statements and understand that I will be held accountable to them.