Meaning Making at Camp

Since 1955 Fraser Lake Camp has cultivated purpose in people lives, our motto since '59 has been “Camping with a Purpose.” We are proud of our program and time and time again we hear the following:

  • I can be myself
  • I feel loved and cared for
  • I understand more about love and peace
  • I learn more about myself and who I can become
  • I discover gifts and talents that I didn’t know I had
  • I make new friendships
  • I spend time in nature
  • I feel like I’m part of a great community
  • I’m accepted for who I am

Why choose Fraser Lake Camp?

  • Because you’re joining a huge family and a space where wonderful memories are formed.
  • Because it’s a second home where all are welcome and accepted.
  • Because you’re coming to a place where you just might leave with more meaning and purpose for your life.
  • Because we work hard at building community and teaching skills to build peace – all things that our world needs today!

What is our purpose? Cultivating confidence and balancing mental health through participatory engagement and genuine personal connections.

Will you join us this summer?

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Miss the farm? During COVID-19, Willowgrove is doing our part to minimize the spread of novel COVID-19 by severely reducing our programming. However, we are excited to offer a brand new Family Camp Rental program that meets Public Health's recommendations and allows for cohorts/families/bubbles to join us on-site. Click the link for details.

Miss camp? As both Willowgrove Day Camp's and Fraser Lake Camp's summer programs have been suspended for 2020 we will be offering a one-of-a-kind, daily Camp@Home program in order to provide children with a supervised camp community experience this summer. Click the link for details.