Spiritual Content

Context of FLC

Fraser Lake Camp was established by the Mennonite Community which is part of the Christian faith tradition. Mennonites value Jesus's teachings on how to relate to and accept all people. The environment, social justice, and a peace perspective are also important parts of the Mennonite faith tradition. Fraser Lake Camp seeks to establish a camp community which is judgment free and an opportunity for growth. We recognize that our campers come from a variety of faith traditions, or no faith background, and welcome this diversity at camp.

Our regular daily camp programming includes "morning watch", "Devos" , and a campfire which ends with a prayer giving thanks for the safety and activities of the day and Chapel twice a week.

Morning Watch: An interactive moral story to bring the camp together and help start the day with intention.

Devos: A reflective time at the end of each day where cabin groups have a chance to share the ups and downs of their day with each other.

Chapel: Songs and music are an important part of the community time at Chapel. Stories, skits, and/or other creative ways are used to invite the camp community to recognize where God is at work. A main focus of Chapel is on community building and acceptance of all.