Why Work at Camp?

“Camp has made me a more outgoing person. Fraser Lake Camp also made me realize something I love to do: I love to help people.” S.P.

“I have become a nicer, more generous person because of Fraser Lake Camp.” C.B.

“Fraser has helped me to appreciate the little things. I realized that family isn’t always blood. It is surrounding yourself with people who love you for all you are.” A.M.

“It’s a place where you have an opportunity to make a difference in kids’ lives. All in all, it makes you a better person.” A.T.

“Fraser Lake Camp becomes your reality. The people, the community, and yourself are so real. It is where I am my best self.” M.G.M.

“I grew beyond my sheltered self.” E.N.


In compliance with the closure of all non-essential businesses, the Willowgrove office will be closed until further notice. These measures are being made in solidarity with province-wide efforts to minimize the spread of novel COVID-19.

All Willowgrove staff will be working remotely while the office is closed. While we will not be available to take any calls, we encourage anyone who would like to contact us to do so through email. If you are unsure who the best person is to contact, please email info@willowgrove.ca and your email will be directed to the correct person.